Training & Awareness.

You must fortify a foundation for data risk training that does more than simply spread data risk awareness – it demands active and informed participation from your entire team.

Ignorance is the biggest threat to your organization. If your team isn’t thoroughly educated on the standards, innovations and headlines in data risk, your organization has policy in place. Informing and educating should be both robust and regular to keep up with the latest guidelines and trends.

Don’t protect your data simply from a regulatory compliance perspective. Those compliance-driven “data sessions” aren’t going to engage your employees, to wake them up enough to care about. Make your data easy to understand. Break it down into concise, actionable and practical points. Make it personal: Clearly convey how each team member is part of this important initiative, directly relating consequences to their careers, their families and their day-to-day lives.

Don’t let your data assurance training become the project, meeting or event your team dreads. You don’t want your employees yawning through bland PowerPoint presentations and checking what they’ve “learned” at the door. You want them absorbing and retaining the data. You want them proactively and passionately following through with their respective responsibilities and action items.